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Sylvain Carel "Semiramis"

Sylvain Carel "Semiramis"

Published by Notting Hill Music Group.
"A stunning musical odyssey from french maestro Sylvain Carel. The music is a wonderful fusion of styles, from Vangelis and Tangerine Dream inspired to ethnic influenced electronica, but with its own unique identity.

It’s astonishing that this talented composer isn’t more widely known – Sylvain Carel is producing stunning music that crosses contemporary genres and it would surely have wide appeal if more people were to hear it.

The ten tracks on Semiramis are varied, expertly crafted and beautifully played. They link together to present a satisfying journey, incorporating strong rhythms and sequences with some terrific themes.

Vocal textures give an occasional evocative eastern flavour but these cultural overtones never venture into world music territory. Indeed, the music remains firmly in the realms of rock based sequenced electronica.

Semiramis is a classy album of real depth and emotion with top notch production values and is highly recommended to fans of melodic EM"


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It Happened At Nightfall (07'10)

1.0 EUR

Colors Of Light (05'23)

1.0 EUR

Dance Of Flames (05'03)

1.0 EUR

In The Hand Of Ishtar (06'04)

1.0 EUR

Sand Of Kingdom (08'18)

1.0 EUR

Amyitis (06'23)

1.0 EUR

The Hanging Gardens (04'18)

1.0 EUR

King Sennacherib (09'45)

1.0 EUR

Stairways To Red Skies (05'35)

1.0 EUR

Assyrian Festivities (06'43)

1.0 EUR

L'album "Semiramis" de Sylvain Carel et les titres inclus sont disponibles en téléchargement immédiat à la fin de la procédure de paiement. Vous recevrez également un email de confirmation contenant un lien de téléchargement supplémentaire et votre facture.

Vous pouvez choisir d'acheter soit l'album "Semiramis" en entier, soit un ou des titres inclus à l'unité et le paiement est sécurisé par notre partenaire Paypal.

Track-listing de l'album "Semiramis":

  Titre Auteurs/compositeurs Durée Producteur Editeur
 It Happened At Nightfall  Sylvain Carel 07'10 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Colors Of Light  Sylvain Carel 05'23 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Dance Of Flames  Sylvain Carel 05'03 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 In The Hand Of Ishtar  Sylvain Carel 06'04 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Sand Of Kingdom  Sylvain Carel 08'18 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Amyitis  Sylvain Carel 06'23 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 The Hanging Gardens  Sylvain Carel 04'18 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 King Sennacherib  Sylvain Carel 09'45 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Stairways To Red Skies  Sylvain Carel 05'35 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
 Assyrian Festivities  Sylvain Carel 06'43 Sylvain Carel Notting Hill
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